Virtual Attendee Experience

If you can’t attend the Summit in-person you can attend virtually through our digital platform, which delivers the sessions and networking right to your fingertips. Available to all Summit attendees (both in-person and virtual) the digital event platform will allow you to connect with other Summit attendees, participate in live-streamed sessions, connect with tabletop sponsors and speakers, and watch on-demand content.

  • Directly search, view and chat with other Summit attendees and tabletop sponsors. You can choose to video or text chat through the app or web platform or set up a specific time to meet during the Summit.
  • Participate in sessions/panel discussions as they’re taking place in real-time. You’ll also have access to these sessions on-demand after the Summit is over.
  • Enjoy AI-powered matchmaking recommendations as you engage with the app or web platform and other attendees
  • Filter and find attendees by topic, meeting availability, participant type (tabletop sponsor, speaker, etc.), job title, and more

Take a video tour of the digital event platform

Helpful “how-to” videos for using the digital platform

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#HowTo Connect with the Right People #HowTo Connect with Exhibitors (Tabletop Sponsors)