Virtual Events

The CLEAN PACIFIC On-Demand portal gives you access to premium content curated and customized for those involved in prevention, response and remediation. You will have access to five sessions and panel discussions and our sponsor directory, which includes virtual business cards, company collateral, and general company information for each of our CLEAN PACIFIC On-Demand sponsors.

All of this content is accessible online and is ready to stream. This means you can watch sessions and panel discussions and browse through the sponsor directory on your time.

Sessions include:

  • Preparing your Incident Management Team (IMT)
  • Moving the Needle on Abandoned and Derelict Vessels: Recommendations to Strengthen State and Federal Capacity to Address a Growing Threat
  • Case Studies: Successful Response Communications
  • Crisis Leadership Challenges and Advancements
  • Emerging Non-Floating Oils Issues

We are committed to providing a safe and worry-free environment for attendees of CLEAN WATERWAYS and recognize that some of our audience is unable to travel, but still needs the valuable content, networking and connection to response equipment and solutions that CLEAN WATERWAYS provides.  We are thrilled to be able to provide an online alternative to this community.

CLEAN WATERWAYS Replay gives you access to all of the content you would find at the in-person event, but at your pace and convenience.

Sessions include:

  • 2020 Industry Challenges Round Table – COVID and Beyond
  • Training the Next Generation of Spill Responders
  • Information Sharing in the New World of Privacy
  • Back to the Future – Oil Spill Response Technology
  • After the Spill…Handling the Waste – Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP)
  • Salvage Operations in Dynamic, Fast Water Environments
  • Huntington County – A Tale of Two Spills
  • Case Studies in Inland Response
  • I’ve Got 99 Problems
  • You Sank My Goo…Now What?
  • Storage Tank Emergency Response